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Effort put into the garden has its reward, sitting in a tidy and attractive garden makes sitting outside with your Pimm's, BBQ and friends a real joy. A great way that one of our clients explained the difference in her garden when we finished was, "It is like an extra room in the house!"


This is one of the most satisfying aspects of horticulture for us, the designing of a garden is so reliant on the placement and the choice of plants that are chosen. We are experienced landscapers, however the knowledge of what the affect different plants will have on a size and style of garden will have a bigger impact once they are established. As an example, the most handsome paving may look very smart and tidy a space once the job is finished, but if inappropriate plants are out in alongside the paving that affect will be spoiled once the plants are mature. The most common problem is shrubs are put in that grow to big for a particular garden and take up to much space to have the more needed variety of plants.

So often planting is done with little horticultural understanding. The balance between annuals and perennials is useful, and the understanding of the speed herbaceous and shrub plants grow is essential to a well balanced garden once the plants establish. All flowing perennials flower at different points from spring right through to autumn, to create a wonderful herbaceous border, shrubbery or a mixture you must have a variety of plants that will give you flowering plants all through the year. Another client of ours said to us. "When one flower starts to finish its flowering period away another variety starts its! Fabulous, such a joy to always have pretty flowers all summer!"

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