Landscape & Construction

Each garden provides us with a new challenge and opportunity to make your outside room unique and relaxing to be in. Years of practice gives us the confidence to landscape a space into an area where we can lay paving or decking of a style that is agreeable to your self. A balance of the amount of hard landscaping is mainly down to the amount of maintenance you require through the summer.

We would always want to design your space with a focus to have flower beds and a varied selection of plants to create a wonderful looking garden. We do appreciate clients also have circumstances were a lot of maintenance of a garden is not an option.

Lawn Laying

Lawn laying is a quick process and once the ground is made true grass seed will make the lawn green within ten days, laying turf we will provide you an immediate lawn. All features of a garden are discussed in detail before a hand drawn diagram of the proposed garden is put forward to your self. Each person has their own idea of what makes a great garden, our knowledge of hundreds of example gardens quickly enables you to create with us the garden you have always wanted.


The company has fully qualified and licensed excavator drivers, so all landscaping jobs are completed in house. Experience is one thing when hard landscaping, but we are keen to pass on references that we have from completed jobs to give total confidence when discussing a contract.

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