BLACK SPOT in Roses......Keep your roses nice and healthy all summer!

D. Fairley's Gardening and landscaping1. If you have Black spot on leaves of your roses strip all off of the plant. Even if this leaves the Rose plant bare of leaves, any leaves left must be sprayed with the below Spray.

2. Now you must get into the habit of spraying your roses every two weeks through the summer to prevent the Black Spot returning.

3. If Black Spot is not prevented and treated it will kill all leaves on your Roses. The plant will not then have the leaves and energy to produce new flowers.

4. Roses will only repeat flower if you cut off (dead head) the old flower heads (hips). If you do you will have new flowers all through the year.

Benefits of Paving

Paving certain areas of your home is a great way to bring elegance, functionality as well as to help increase the market value of your house. There are a wide array of options ranging from materials such as concrete, asphalt, pebble and even brick or cobble stone. To sum it up there are a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors and materials which can accommodate what the home owner wants or needs.

Now if you’re wondering what parts of your house you could pave, the most common areas would be driveways, walkways, sidewalks, barbecue areas, patios, courtyards and swimming pool areas. This helps control the grass growth in that area as well as bringing elegance to the desired area.

Have you ever seen those cobble stone streets in Europe? Those are just one example of wonderful paving. When you decide to pave your garden, you can have a variety of patterns available to you ranging from circular patterns to the normal brick pattern. If you find you can’t decide, try asking a landscape designer to see what would best suit your desired area. They will take into consideration the size of the area and what would best complement and enhance the surrounding area. They will suggest the appropriate material as well as color for the job. The best part is they come in a variety of colors and materials such as concrete brick, gray and even black. It is best to choose material carefully because their durability varies. Some materials are more economical and durable than others, so it is up to you which one best suits your need the most.

Paving your driveway or garden also makes walking or driving easier. Cars get more traction on a paved surface as opposed to a grassy or dirt road. If you live on a farm or somewhere in the country it is good to take into consideration that people would have difficulty trying to get to your home especially if they have cars that are not powerful enough to handle the strain of a dirt road. Paving your sidewalks or garden walkways gives you and your visitors a clean way to walk through your garden, some prefer not to get their feet wet especially if the grass is muddy. Having a paved garden can allow your garden to serve as an entertainment center if you desire to have late outside summer parties. In the end, you can't go wrong with paving.

Why hire a Landscaper 

If you are a person who loves an elegant well pruned garden, you might want to consider hiring a professional landscaper. They say having a wonderful garden full of flowers and greenery calms not only the mind, but the soul as well. It is always wonderful to return home to a beautiful garden. Landscapers are becoming more and more common as people choose to beautify their homes. If you are a person who loves to host parties at home, it only takes a few seconds to have a bad first impression with your guests. Having a landscaper would mean that you could have a beautiful garden which could also be used as an entertainment area during spring or summer.

Having a landscaper means that you as the home owner are free to make gardens look fabulous without you investing a lot of your precious time. The best part is landscapers come equipped with their own set of tools, which means that you don’t need to expend more money on tools that you won’t use very often after the landscaper finishes their work.

Landscapers are professionals and they will know when and where certain aspects of design go which saves you the trouble of figuring out how to design your own garden. When hiring a landscaper, try to find one who has an extensive knowledge of all the different types of plants and shrubs. A well-educated landscaper will know what best suits your garden.

Trees and shrubs will help you by moderating temperature as well as improving the air quality of your home. It protects the house from strong winds if you decide to create a wind barrier as well as blocking out the harsh sun during certain times of the day. These methods serve as a natural way of maintaining a steady temperature for your home as trees and shrubs have always been used to block out the sun, wind and rain. Not only do they block out the elements, but they also give you a nice green organic and natural wall if what you require is privacy.

Landscapers have grown in popularity in the past 20 years. People have come to value a beautiful garden not only for its elegance but for other benefits that it brings. Landscapers may be a bit expensive, but in the end they are worth the money. Take this as an investment for you, your health and your well-being and comfort in your home.


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