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Maintaining the plants and flower beds of the garden is not always enough, and we offer a comprehensive selection of other important services that help keep the garden tidy, clean and the lawn & trees healthy. The other services that we provide are Tree Surgery, Turfing, Lawn Treatment and Scarification, Pressure Washing, Gutter Clearance, Leaf blowing & collection.

Lawn Treatment

Our Lawn Treatment service is worthwhile to keep moss and other weeds from growing through the lawn. Grass also is a less dominant plant compared to moss and many weeds, quickly you will find there will be more weeds than grass if the lawn is not treated throughout the year. We also feed lawns at the same point as the weed killing, this gives the grass a boost. When lawns are heavily walked on grass can be quickly damaged.


Our Scarification service is used in severe circumstances when moss and weeds are out of control in a lawn. Scarifying a lawn strips moss and weeds from the turf to leave the lawn very bare, a process of re seeding and top dressing the lawn with top soil is required. This is an equivalent option to completely re turfing the lawn.

Pressure Washing

Our Pressure Washing service gives your Garden or drive a lift, over the year your paving stones and concrete areas will become dirty very quickly and the result is they become dark from the dirt. Our professional machines will take up at least 80 percent of the dirt off, and making your drive, patios and paths nearly new again. Older paving areas also suffer heavily from moss, our pressure washing service will remove this and leave them tidy and clean.

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