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Choice and use of Plants

The most exciting and important part of improving an established garden or creating a great garden from a blank canvas is the choice and use of plants. We have created this page to illustrate some of the most important shrubs and herbaceous perennial plants for your flower beds. When using plants to design a theme or creating a style for your garden it is important to decide how and where to create the structure of your garden.

Firstly thought must be given to the colour and form of the leaves, the balance between. Secondly the size of the plant or shrub is what will give the physical structure to a great visual balance to a flower bed. The third consideration is a chemistry of flowers between all the separate plants, the objective is to have a sequence of flower blooms at different times of the year. The choices of each plant in a given space in a garden must be balanced in comparison to what it is planted next to.

This page has a selection of photographs demonstrating recommendations of our favourite shrubs and perennial plants that should be in your garden. Twenty herbaceous perennials and twenty shrubs are on the page gallery for you to browse through and give you inspiration to assist us to create or improve your garden. Although we see these particular plants as classics, there are thousands more options of plants and shrubs that can be put forward and discussed.

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